Tuesday, February 20, 2007

German Hex Signs

The old German hex signs are ancient wheels of life and contain universal symbols that are extremely potent. As with medieval European shields or coats of arms in heraldry, the symbols chosen for individual hex signs have magical significance.

In Pennsylvania in the United States, the 'hex' signs became a folk heritage among farming communities emigrating from Germany. In fact, 'Pennsylvania Dutch' is a debasement of 'Pennsylvania Deutsch'. The settlers were from Germany rather than Holland. Hex signs were painted on the sides of barns and were believed to protect and guard from harm as well as bringing positive good fortune.

My own personal interest in German folk art and especially the 'hex' signs is derived from my fascination and study of the ancient Northern rune systems.

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Fleming said...

I very belatedly discovered this blog. I'd like to learn much more about the German hex signs, having seen them on Pennsylvania barns.